Gin Pinnock Dry 20cl


For our multi-international award winner, we use locally sourced honey, lavender and quince, which are accompanied by specially selected juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia, cardamom seeds, orange peel and cubeb pepper from around the globe to create a smooth and complex Warwickshire Dry Gin. (Double IWSC Silver Medal Winner 2019 and 1-Star Great Taste Winner 2019.)



Located in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Pinnock Distillery is named after the cottage where our small-batch, copper distilled dry gin is produced.

​Using a traditional 40L copper alembic still, we produce around 90 bottles per batch and bottle and label everything by hand. Every bit of care and attention goes into every bottle we produce, in what is quite literally a cottage industry!

If you suffer from any allergy or intolerance, please contact our management team by e-mail: or by phone: 01386 849093 to discuss this before ordering.