Great British Biscotti Co. Chorizo & Cheddar Biscotti 100g


Spanish Chorizo and Cheddar Biscotti – Ideal as a Canape/Finger food base, cheese biscuit or biscuit n a charcuterrie platter, crouton in soups and salads. Delicious topped with Manchego Cheese, Salami or as a Crouton in a Caesar salad.



The Great British Biscotti Company offers a full repertoire of enticing flavour liaisons (of both a sweet and savoury persuasion) and a couple of thoughtful foodie formats, from the traditional dunking fingers to the more avant garde biscotti crouton. Such innovation means canapes, cheese boards, salads and soups (like tea & coffee) can now enjoy and extra indulgent biscotti twist.

With the ‘frothy coffee’ movement still in full swing, top-notch biscotti will always be seen as an idyllic hot beverage accompaniment. And yet, today’s forward-thinking biscotti have always held much loftier ambitions ranging from thoughtful savoury snack support to on-the-hoof nibble.

If you suffer from any allergy or intolerance, please contact our management team by e-mail: or by phone: 01386 849093 to discuss this before ordering.