Cape Herb & Spice Co. Chilli & Garlic Grinder


What more could you ask for in a blend of two favourite flavours. This combination celebrates the umami of garlic with the punch and heat of chilli to provide a match made in heaven. Versatility personified, use to add wonderful flavour complexity to almost any savoury dish. Perfectly suited to pasta sauces, stir fries, vegetable bakes, seafood and meat marinades. Season during the cooking according to your taste preference.


Adventurous cook, fusion aficionado or master of the barbeque, our ranges extend across core herb, spice and seasoning solutions for any dish.  Whether you are looking for specialist single spices and herbs, a one-stop recipe solution, your daily ‘grind’ or simply for seasoning inspiration – the Cape Herb & Spice Co. have it all!

If you suffer from any allergy or intolerance, please contact our management team by e-mail: or by phone: 01386 849093 to discuss this before ordering.