Russell & Atwell Fresh Chocolates 90g


Brand new product (launched end of 2020) and brand new to Fillet & Bone, we’re very excited to have been tipped off about the existence of these incredible chocolates.

Here’s how the producers describe them:
“We set out to create delicious chocolates and, through making hundreds of prototypes we discovered (although it wasn’t a big surprise), that the fresh products tasted a whole lot better.
It sounds kind of simple, but the chocolate bar has been around since the start of the 20th century, before most people had a fridge.  Somehow, British chocolate hasn’t evolved much since then.  While people have switched to fresh in other foods (milk, pasta, cream, desserts…) chocolate has been left, literally, on the shelf.  Until now!

We like to say that Russell & Atwell brings you the “true” flavour of chocolate.  Organic fresh cream instead of palm oil.  Wild honey instead of preservatives.  We make sure that everything we put in our chocolates is high quality, sustainable and delicious;  that is the secret to their unbeatably rich taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture.”

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Creamy Milk, Smooth Dark, Salted Caramel

If you suffer from any allergy or intolerance, please contact our management team by e-mail: or by phone: 01386 849093 to discuss this before ordering.