Geo Watkins Anchovy Sauce 170ml


Geo Watkins Anchovy Sauce has a unique taste that can be used to enhance a variety of fish dishes. Although the sauce itself doesn’t really have a fishy flavour, it works perfectly to complement the likes of fish pies and homemade fish cakes.

When using this flavourful sauce, it is highly recommended that you read the guidelines as it is one of those sauces that you don’t want to overdo. Used in the right quantity, however, this sauce can really take a simple meal up to the next level.



Geo Watkins is Britain’s only remaining mushroom ketchup Britain – keeping the delicious traditional ingredient alive.

Originally founded by George Watkins in 1830, their Anchovy Sauce and Mushroom ketchup can be used to enhance the flavour in a wide variety of dishes.

Once the secret ingredient of many Victorian cooks, these sauces are based on the original recipe used 150 years ago.

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