Blue Dragon Fish Sauce 150ml


Fish Sauce (nam pla) is used in Thai cuisine as an essential ingredient for seasoning.  It balances with the key flavours of hot, sweet and sour.  It is matured for 12 months to allow a full rich and salty flavour to develop.



The Blue Dragon journey began back in the 1970s, when we discovered there was nothing in the shops to help British people recreate the authentic taste of Asian food at home.  So we packed our bags and headed out to the Far East ourselves, to bring back the most authentic, most exciting flavours we could.

It’s something we still do passionately today, travelling all over Asia to see what’s cooking from Beijing to Bangkok, so we can keep creating exciting products and simple-to-prepare recipes we think you’re going to love.  Discover your own taste of Asia in your kitchen with Blue Dragon and Keep Exploring.

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