Wild Hare Meals


Fresh, healthy and convenient meals.  Trust the Ingredients.  Enjoy the Taste.

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The Wild Hare’s meals are unique. Cooked fresh every week, by professional chefs. The meats are from animals that are outdoor reared, on grass, the poultry from high welfare farms, and all our British farmers are focused on sustainability and environmentally-friendly objectives that The Wild Hare Group set.

Using old-fashioned cuts, as we feel these ooze flavour. There’s an emphasis on British grown ancient grains such as barley, spelt, and quinoa, which are not modified or refined but are nutritionally rich and good for digestion, lowering cholesterol and controlling blood sugar. There are no emulsifiers, preservatives or other chemicals in our dishes, and the food lasts really well, just because it’s never frozen and is delivered fresh to store.

If you suffer from any allergy or intolerance, please contact our management team by e-mail: hello@filletandbone.co.uk or by phone: 01386 849093 to discuss this before ordering.